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Steve’s Philly Cheesesteaks




Great day in Newark, DE with John Hadfield, our clown buddy. Went to lunch at the famous Deer Park Inn where the water is great an legends of Poe and Washington run rampant. Steve even did some tricks for the wait staff.

Drove to Philly for the night lecture. Mark and Mike Miller ate with us at Steve’s Philly Chesesteak restaurant, see photos.

Billy bought a great steamer trunk. Where we are going to put it in the van is another story, I’ll report on that tomorrow.

Lecture was tremendous, the magic club here in Philly rocks!

Also got two wonderful interviews for the doc from Steve and John. This is gittin’ interestin’, which is our motto of you remember.

Is there more to tell? Yes, but that will have to wait until tomorrow, which will find us in NYC.


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